Oscar-winner Mel Gibson had to down several beers before being able to face his children the morning after he was arrested for drink driving and making anti-Semitic remarks. The BRAVEHEART star was arrested in July (06) after he was caught going twice the legal speed limit with an open bottle of tequila in the car and was found to be legally intoxicated. The star says he went to work that morning like any other day, but made some bad decisions because of "too much pressure, too much work. You do things that go against good judgment." He tells Diane Sawyer on US breakfast show Good Morning America, ""I just went home and saw my kids were there and I talked to them for a little bit. "It was a little rough that morning, so I chased it down with a few cold ones. It was kind of unbearable to face. I just thought, 'This is it. This is the end of it, but I just have to get through this morning.' "You're not operating well, but you know you have to do something. I mean I wasn't flashing it in front of them or anything." Gibson claims he faced suicidal despair after his relapse at the thought of telling his wife of 26 years ROBYN and their seven children what he had done. He says, "I just told her straight out, 'slipped again.' Of course she didn't like that, but she was gracious, compassionate. "I've apologised more than anyone I know. It's getting old."