LATEST: Troubled star Mel Gibson has checked himself into a recovery programme for alcohol abuse. Gibson was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence in Malibu, California early Friday (28JUL06) morning. The Oscar-winner's representative, ALAN NEIROB, confirmed the actor had entered rehab, saying he was "participating in an ongoing program to deal with this. The guy is trying to stay alive." Neirob declined to describe the program or say how long Gibson planned to be there. On Saturday (29JULY06), Gibson issued a statement apologising for his behaviour after the arrest. The Los Angeles Sheriff's Department turned the case over to the district attorney Monday (31JUL06) and the DA's office is now reviewing the information to determine whether to press charges. Controversy erupted over the weekend (ends30JUL06) over allegations the Sheriff's Department was considering removing offensive remarks Gibson made at the time of his arrest from the official report. However, a law enforcement official said the report the sheriff's department turned over Monday substantiates claims that Gibson made anti-Semitic remarks and threatened a deputy. DA spokesperson JANE ROBINSON tells American publication People, "We believe we received a complete report, but can't comment on the details of it." An arraignment is set for 28 September (06). Meanwhile, a spokesperson for Disney said Monday (31JUL06) the studio plans to release Gibson's latest film, APOCALYPTO, as scheduled 8 December (06).