Mel Gibson has announced plans to donate sets from his new movie APOCALYPTO to the Mexican state of Veracruz when filming comes to an end.

The actor-turned-director will donate six replicas of Mayan pyramids and several movie-set villages, say Veracruz officials, who are expecting filming to end in March (06) or early April (06).

The director of cinematography for Veracruz state, PROSPERO REBOLLEDO, says, "(Gibson) is doing some construction work, building in particular some pyramids and indigenous villages. He has donated to us these pyramids."

Gibson, who will not act in the film, has said Apocalypto will focus on the life of a Mayan man, touching on "civilisations and what undermines them".

It is set 3,000 years ago in central America and features dialogue spoken in an obscure Mayan dialect.