A Los Angeles publicist representing a group of citizens angry over Mel Gibson's anti-Semitic tirade following his DUI arrest says that he has been unable to buy a Billboard on Sunset Boulevard to protest the actor's admitted broadside. The proposed sign would show Gibson's face with the international sign for "no" painted over it in red. In an interview with MSNBC.com columnist Jeannette Walls, publicist Andy Behrman said, "We wanted to make a statement that anti-Semitism is not okay in Hollywood -- or anywhere else. ... They tell us it will be fine, and then when they learn we want to protest Mel Gibson, there's suddenly some problem." Behrman said that he had negotiated a $40,000 deal with a representative of Regency Outdoor that the company's boss refused to approve. Behrman told Walls that other billboard sales reps informed him that their employers don't want to risk alienating their primary customers, the movie studios. Walls says that when she called Regency co-owner Brian Kennedy to ask for comment, he hung up on her. Meeanwhile, on Wednesday, Gibson was formally charged with misdemeanor drunken driving.