Mel Gibson took part in a satellite interview on Saturday (07FEB04) to answer worried Christians' questions about his new movie.

The BRAVEHEART star beamed the live chat to 3,800 invited guests at AZUSA PACIFIC UNIVERSITY in California in a bid to encourage them to support his controversial new film The Passion Of The Christ.

Religious leaders have been mixed about the project because it features graphic scenes of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ.

But Gibson told his guests - all Californian religious community leaders - that he's convinced his film will be widely embraced.

He also explained he made the movie as a bid to pay a penance for his own good fortune and high living.

He said, "You get to a place where you have to reevaluate your insides and like, change, because, you know, I'm a monster. I mean I can be.

"I've been offered every kind of excess that money and fame brings and it's not good enough."

09/02/2004 09:45