Mel Gibson insisted on a private meeting with the father of his alleged stalker after he spent 40 minutes testifying in court yesterday (03MAR05).

The movie star, who suggested ZACK SINCLAIR needed psychiatric help as part of his testimony in court in Van Nuys, California, told ALEX SINCLAIR he was sorry he felt the need to take his son to court.

Speaking exclusively to US news show CELEBRITY JUSTICE outside the courthouse, the accused stalker's father said, "He (Gibson) feels bad about what's happened and we feel bad about what's happened. And I wanted to apologise to him for Zack's persistence in bothering him."

"He hopes that Zack gets some help."

Earlier, during his testimony, Gibson explained that he and his wife were alarmed when Sinclair showed up at the family's Malibu, California, home, demanding the actor pray with him.

Gibson won a restraining order against Sinclair, but the alleged stalker kept showing up at family gatherings and church visits, prompting the movie star to press charges.

He told the court, "My wife was upset and she didn't want to see him in the living room drinking tea.

"I realised we were dealing with someone delusional... We were dealing with someone unbalanced - an unknown quantity which makes you nervous."

04/03/2005 19:51