LATEST: Mel Gibson's controversial religious epic The Passion has hit another stumbling block - he's struggling to find a distributor to sell the movie after 20TH CENTURY FOX turned down the film.

The movie, which documents the last 12 hours in the life of Jesus Christ in the ancient Aramaic language, has ruffled a lot of feathers - most notable among Jewish groups, who claim the picture is anti-Semitic.

Yesterday (28AUG03) Jewish leaders rallied outside the New York headquarters of NEWS CORPORATION - who own studios Fox. The company have a production deal with Gibson's ICON PRODUCTIONS and were favourites to pick up the movie.

And it seems the protest worked - Fox have officially turned down their first option to distribute the flick.

Protester's cheered as a spokesperson for the firm announced, "Fox won't be involved."

29/08/2003 17:19