Joe Eszterhas has released his "tell all" book about his time spent with Mel Gibson. The pair's infamous feud concerning the 'MACcabees' screenplay made headlines earlier this year, and Eszterhas was so incensed by Gibson's behaviour that he went away and wrote 30,000 words about it - now available in eBook format for $2.99.
Speaking to The Wrap about his book, titled 'Heaven and Mel', the screenwriter said, "On a human level it's a great story, and it can't be told in a nine-page letter.Much of it is amusing, some of it is very serious and has to do with anti-Semitism and questions of values. But mostly it's just very human. I view it as a terrific tale". The pair had been working together on the screenplay for the doomed movie, about Jewish freedom fighters in the 2nd century. Eszterhas caused controversy after recording Gibson in his own home, during which the Hollywood actor became incensed at the status of the script for the movie. Eszterhas makes several claims in the book, most notably about Gibson trash talking his former co-stars and crew-members, including Brian Helgeland and the Braveheart author Randall Wallace, whom he allegedly called a "loser".
Gibson made light of his feud with the screenwriter during an appearance on the Jay Leno show, accepting that he had lost his temper.