LATEST: The Los Angeles county sheriff who arrested Mel Gibson for drink driving in July (06) insists he is being harassed by members of his own department because they believe he leaked the official police report detailing the actor's behaviour. Gibson was stopped on 28 July (06) in Malibu, California for speeding and on suspicion of drink driving when he launched into an anti-Semitic tirade. The sheriff's department has been investigating how the arrest report appeared on website, which Deputy JAMES MEE has been suspected of leaking. He has never been charged. Mee's lawyer, RICHARD SHINEE, tells the Los Angeles Times that Mee was abruptly transferred from his Malibu posting to an assignment in Agoura Hills, California and that he's been "unfairly singled out" for scrutiny by his supervisors. Earlier this month (DEC06), TMZ exclusively obtained letter from Shinee that details an interrogation of Mee conducted by the Department in October (06) and a request that the Attorney General take over the investigation into the leak.