Religious movie star JAMES CAVIEZEL suffered for his art while playing JESUS in Mel Gibson's harrowing The Passion Of The Christ epic - he dislocated his shoulder and was struck by hypothermia.

THE COUNT OF MONTE CRISTO star felt just like Christ during crucifixion scenes in the controversial film - because he was in agony.

He explains, "I got to feel a little bit of Mel hell. Make-up hours were from two in the morning until 10, and then I'd go out and we'd shoot and I had a loincloth on and hypothermia started taking over.

"Then it took two hours to take the make-up off; you go into like a hot shower and it's like you go into a hot tub and

you want to get out and at that point and you can't, and they scrub your skin and you get a rash and then you get maybe three

or four hours of sleep and it starts all over again.

"Then I separated my shoulder, and, after that, they put you back up on the cross and we're on a cliff - it's like going to the Grand Canyon and sticking the cross at the edge of the cliff - and everytime these winds would come through... you're looking out at people in parkas and gloves and mittens.

"I just looked up and I said, 'My God, why have you forsaken me?"

02/03/2004 20:59