Mel Gibson has suffered another blow after being lambasted for his anti-Semitic rant last month (JUL06) - his TV Holocaust mini-series may still go ahead, but with another producer. TV executives dumped the project, based on the memoir of Dutch Jew FLORY VAN BEEK, when Gibson made headlines with his controversial comments. But America's TV Guide magazine insists the series could still go ahead after learning TV bosses are in the middle of secret talks with another production company. QUINN TAYLOR, ABC TV's chief of movies and miniseries, backs up the reports, stating, "It is a great story and it should be told independent of Mel Gibson's views." But bosses at Gibson's production company, Icon, are resisting calls to walk away from the mini-series, FLORY: SURVIVAL IN THE VALLEY OF DEATH - something that upsets top Los Angeles Rabbi ALLEN FREEHLING. He says, "If ABC let Mel Gibson do this miniseries, with his distorted views of Jewish history and Jewish people, it would clearly be a way of profaning the six million Jews who lost their lives in the Holocaust."