A man who said Mel Gibson's controversial film The Passion Of The Christ led him to confess that he murdered his girlfriend, pleaded guilty to the crime in a Texas court on Wednesday (11AUG04).

DAN LEACH, 21, admitted he strangled his girlfriend ASHLEY NICOLE WILSON, 19, in January (04) because she said she was pregnant and he wanted nothing to do with her.

Leach organised her murder to look like suicide by forcing Wilson to write a list of her regrets and mistakes and place a pillowcase over her head as a "trust exercise".

When the case was over her head, Leach strangled her with a cord.

Police originally interpreted the list as a suicide note and ruled her passing as suicide.

It was only after Leach saw Jim Caviezel play Jesus Christ in the harrowing film in March (04), he felt compelled to confess.

13/08/2004 09:26