Former SPICE GIRL cohorts Mel B and Geri Halliwell have fallen out again - but this time over their American careers.

Mel - known as SCARY SPICE - is reportedly fuming that her attempts at a Hollywood career have fallen flat, while GINGER SPICE Geri is the toast of Tinseltown after landing a job on the judging panel of ALL-AMERICAN GIRL and bagging an invite to the recent Oscars.

A source tells British newspaper THE DAILY MIRROR, "Put it this way, Geri and Mel aren't on the best of terms. Mel's gutted she hasn't made any impression over there, yet Geri's the toast of Hollywood.

"Obviously she's jealous, who wouldn't be? They were both huge names over there in the 1990s, yet Mel barely gets a second glance over there these days. And to be honest, she can't see what Geri's got that she hasn't."

Mel, along with daughter PHOENIX CHI, has been in America since last September (02), and has reportedly upset her former bandmate - who sees her as trying to ride on her coat-tails.

She allegedly told pals, "This town ain't big enough for the both of us."

And a source adds, "She's annoyed with Mel because it seems she's trying to use her relationship with Geri and the Spice Girls to impress people.

"They were on speaking terms a month ago but now things have become very fraught."