Former SPICE GIRL MELANIE BROWN will release a comeback album when she ends her run in Broadway show RENT.

The WANNABE singer, 29, had been working on some tracks in London before she moved to New York to begin her stint in the hit stage musical.

Brown - nicknamed Scary Spice - says of her recorded album, "Some of it's a bit punky, some of it's a bit piano, acoustic-guitar driven.

"It's not R+B whatsoever.

"I did it in my kitchen with my two friends from London - KEVIN and JULIE.

"Nobody's heard it, and I'm not signed to a record company so I wanna test it first before I decide anything and see what the reaction is and see how I like performing it, because I've only been there in my kitchen with a microphone singing it."

01/07/2004 17:22