Mel B's dogs have reportedly been found and returned to her after her plea on social media.

The 42-year-old singer was left utterly ''devastated'' when she realised her two French Bulldog puppies had ''disappeared'' from her family home, and she urged her 923,000 Instagram followers to help her find her beloved pet pooches in a heartfelt plea on Thursday (20.07.17).

Alongside a video of her 10-year-old daughter Angel playing with her two four legged friends, Mel - who also has Madison, five, and Phoenix, 18, - wrote: ''Pls pls help our beautiful French bulldog puppies have disappeared from our house.devastated. (sic).''

But since posting the news the Spice Girls band member - who was known as Scary Spice when she was in the group - has had her dogs ''found and returned'' to her.

One social media user, named Cynthia Valdizón, replied to Mel's post and stated her boyfriend's mother had discovered the lost puppies.

Although it is unknown how the animals managed to escape, it is believed the two dogs were found ambling around the streets at night, whilst one was ''stuck in a bush''.

The person commented on Mel's picture posted on the photo-sharing site, and wrote: ''They've been found and returned! My boyfriend's mom found them lost and wandering while she was driving home last night, one I think got stuck in a bush. (sic).''

Cynthia has claimed other passers-by ignored the dogs but her lover's parent couldn't, and took them home where she cared for them.

She continued: ''No one was stopping to help them but she couldn't just leave them there. They were bathed, fed, walked, hugged, kissed, loved, and cuddled! (sic).''

Despite running away, Cynthia has hailed Mel's animals as ''very well-behaved'' pets.

She continued: ''They're very well-behaved puppies and so adorable. (sic).''

And fellow social media users are relieved the 'Wannabe' hitmaker's dogs have been returned safely to their rightful owner.