Mel B's butt ''really bounces'' when she twerks.

The former Spice Girls singer recently learned the raunchy bottom-shaking dance move and thinks she does it well because of her new fuller figure.

She told 'The Naked Truth with J.Son' online radio show: ''I only just learned to do it and because I've put a few pounds on, [my butt] really bounces!''

Mel also defended teen star Miley Cyrus, who recently caused controversy at the MTV Video Music Awards for twerking against Robin Thicke.

She added: ''I love Miley Cyrus, she's a really good friend of mine. I love that she gets up on stage - and she knows what she's doing, by the way, it's not just happening -it's planned out, she's an entertainer.''

The 'For Once in My Life' singer also insisted people shouldn't care about speculation Britney Spears will mime during her Las Vegas residency, because the 'Toxic' star is such a great performer.

She said: ''Who knows what the real story was? Only she does. I just love her as a performer and an artist, she does exactly what she wants and I like that.''