Mel B's 'America's Got Talent' family have been showing their support in the wake of her divorce.

The 41-year-old singer has had a tough month after her father Martin Brown passed away and she decided to divorce her husband Stephen Belafonte but Heidi Klum and Simon Cowell have reached out to praise her resilience.

Heidi said: ''I think it was good for her that we are so busy and that we are here all day, and you see fun acts that make you laugh, so I think that was helpful instead of being on vacation because then you have time to think.

''Sometimes in those moments it's probably better not having time to think, and, you know, we are a family and we take care of each other we have- we all have each others' backs, so I think that was good.''

Whilst Simon added: ''She's what we call a 'trooper,' you know, she's holding up, [it's] very difficult. I've spoken to her, but I'm impressed with her.''

And Howie Mandel praised the former Spice Girl for being ''so strong'' and always remaining professional despite such personal heartbreak.

He told Entertainment Tonight: ''We are all there for you, you know, our hearts go out to her.

''I knew about it before it got announced and some of the things that were happening in her life -- she lost her father, her marriage is over. But, you know, she is so strong as a mother and as a professional, and girl power wasn't just a brand, she lives and eats and breathes it.''

Mel filed for divorce last week, with court documents released at the time giving the cause of the split as ''irreconcilable differences''. Mel also requested for spousal support to Stephen to be terminated.