Ex-SPICE GIRL Mel B is ready to relaunch herself onto the musical scene after writing an album's worth of songs following a recent holiday in Mexico.

Although the singer is currently without a record deal she wants to try out her new songs in small New York clubs whilst she's appearing in musical RENT, before deciding what to do with her new material - which she describes as "less angry" than those featured on her previous solo album HOT.

She says, "I had been on a long holiday in Mexico, and you know how you get all relaxed and in that mode?

"Well, I came home and wrote like 15 songs in my kitchen, just jamming out on the guitar, and recorded them on my friend's computer in 10 days.

"I don't have a deal, not signed to anyone. This is just for me."

"When you come from almost over-exposure, and you've been out there on every magazine and TV advert, it's quite nice to pull the reins back and do something independent and small."

28/04/2004 21:37