Mel B isn't "very proud" that she has two children by two different fathers.

The former Spice Girls star had her eldest daughter Phoenix, 11, with her ex-husband Jimmy Gulzar and three-year-old girl Angel from her brief relationship with Eddie Murphy, and she admits she has to work hard to keep the family harmonious.

Speaking to British TV presenter Lorraine Kelly on her show 'Lorraine', Mel B - who is also stepmother to her husband Stephen Belafonte's six-year-old daughter Giselle - said: "I've got two beautiful daughters by two different fathers - I'm not very proud of that but it is what it is so I have to act accordingly - I'm all about peace and harmony."

Although the 35-year-old singer - who stars with her family in new reality TV show 'It's a Scary World' - spends most of her time focused on her children, she and Stephen always make sure they have date nights to keep the romance in their marriage alive.

She said: "Me and my husband, we're so close, we do business together so sometimes the boundaries can get crossed a little bit and we have to take time out to spend time as husband and wife. So we go on our date night once a week - yes we have therapy - but no we're not getting a divorce. The last thing either of us would want is something small to build into something big, so it gets squashed immediately through therapy."

Mel admits her spouse does irritate her on occasions but she even finds it faults endearing.

She added: "He does my head in half the time! That's what husbands do I guess, but I adore him!"