Mel B carries a sewing kit in her handbag for fashion emergencies.

The former Spice Girl is always prepared for the worst case scenario on the red carpet and likes to keep a needle and thread on her at all times in case her outfit starts to unravel.

She said: ''I carry a little sewing kit because I've had dresses fall off before. And I always have safety pins too, just in case.''

The 'America's Got Talent' judge also never travels without her favourite haircare products because she likes her tresses to look perfectly groomed and glossy.

Mel told Us Weekly magazine: ''I use a lot of Bumble and Bumble products on my hair. Surf Spray is my favourite. It gives you body and shine - and it seems nice.''

The 38-year-old singer is known for her loud dress sense and says her go-to looks are daring dresses in bold colours or fitted trousers with cool accessories.

She previously told Seventeen magazine: ''I've always been into -- particularly back then -- loud clothes...

''My style now goes from workout stuff to, depending on whether I'm going somewhere nice, a fitted dress. Or I'm a leggings and boots girl. I vary it. Depends on how I feel when I wake up.''