Mel B was starstruck when she met Jennifer Lopez.

The former Spice Girls star did her best to be "cool" when the 'Get Right' singer and her husband Marc Anthony approached her and spouse Stephen Belafonte, but inside she was really nervous about meeting the 'American Idol' judge.

She said: "I was staying in the Beverly Hills Hotel recently and Jennifer Lopez and her husband, Marc Anthony came over to say hello. I played it cool, but inside I was like, 'oh my f***ing God!'

"And Marc is so nice. We spent the whole night chatting to him at Alicia Keys' party."

Stephen added: "He was hanging out with us and he's got such a great sense of humour. He's really f***ing funny."

Although Mel was starstruck when she met Jennifer, the pair have a mutual friend in Common in the British singer's former bandmate Victoria Beckham.

Though the Spice Girls are no longer together, Mel loves to meet up with her pal, who is now a fashion designer, because she is such good company.

She said: "Victoria is very funny, she's got a dry sense of humour."