Mel B ''doesn't care'' if people say she is doing a bad job hosting 'Dancing With The Stars Australia'.

The former Spice Girls singer made her debut alongside main host Daniel McPherson on April 15, and although she has met with criticism for her presenting, she is happy with the job she is doing.

She said: ''I don't care, I'm getting my pay cheque and I get to do my live show and I'm loving it. I get to wear gowns every week which is nice and I'm here to get the job done.''

One of Mel's more controversial moments came when she told the first eliminated celebrity, TV presenter and former Miss Australia Erin McNaught, to go out and ''get wasted'' after the show.

She added: ''It's live television and you saw we had some classic clangers and everyone loved it.

''It's only the second week and I'm always a bit nervous. I don't mind a bit of nerves, it keeps me on my toes.''

Mel - who competed on the US version of the show in 2007 - has replaced Sonia Kruger on the show in a deal rumoured to be worth more than $1 million.

However, some fans of the show have taken to twitter to slate her abilities.

One wrote: '''Dancing with the Stars Australia' is b****y awful. It's so embarrassing, what on earth is Mel B doing with her life!? (sic)''

Another added: ''Risking disapproval here, but honestly, Mel is awful to watch on Dancing with the Stars. She's classless and offers nothing.''