Mel B found it ''cringey'' talking to her daughter Phoenix about sex.

The Spice Girls star sat down with her 18-year-old daughter two years ago to discuss ''safe sex and contraception'', and says the teenager was confused as none of her friends had spoken to their own mothers about the information, which Mel says ''terrified'' Phoenix ''to her core''.

She said: ''When phoenix was about 16, I was like, we need to sit down and have a word about safe sex and contraception, and she was like what? And I think all her other friends had never even had that conversation with their mothers. I'm so glad, as cringey as it was, I was very to the point, I told her about boys' intentions, or the main intentions of boys at that age. We spoke about contraception thoroughly, about condoms, what happens when you don't use a condom, which I think terrified her to her core.''

And the 'Wannabe' hitmaker - who has Phoenix with her ex-husband Jimmy Gulzar, as well as 12-year-old Angel with Eddie Murphy, and eight-year-old Madison with former husband Stephen Belafonte - bemoaned the way pornographic content is so ''easy'' for ''kids'' to get hold of, as she says she doesn't want her daughters to think they have to behave ''all sexy''.

Speaking on the fourth episode of her podcast 'The Truth Flirts' - which she hosts in partnership with dating app Badoo - Mel added: ''When I think about kids now, when all they can look at, or they can look at easily, is porn and they think that that is the way that they have sex, this is the way a woman has to act, be all sexy and fling her hair about, that's not realistic, so I want my kids to know you don't have to be that girl, that girl's not even that happy, that's that girl's job.''