Mel B pigs out on her favourite foods when she comes home to England.

The former Spice Girl lives in Los Angeles with her husband Stephen Belafonte and her children, and although she loves it in the US, she misses traditional British meals and always makes sure she treats herself when she is back in the UK.

She said: "I love fish and chips, oh, and curry. You can't get it in Los Angeles! When I first land in the UK I treat myself to a curry. And then some fish and chips. I have to get my UK food invasion done. But it's OK to treat yourself, it's all about balance."

Although Mel - who has just released her own exercise computer game 'Get Fit With Mel B' in conjunction with Black Bean Games - enjoys fatty foods she only indulges on certain days of the week so she won't break her strict fitness regime.

She said: "I exercise on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. And then I have the weekend off."

Mel may miss British food she won't quit Los Angeles because she, Stephen and her kids - Phoenix, 11, and Angel, three, from previous relationships - are so settled there.

The 35-year-old star - who is from Leeds - explained: "I love coming back to the UK! I've been back five times already this year. I'm always backwards and forwards. But I've been in Los Angeles for seven years now and my kids are settled in school there. But I come back so much, it's all good."