8 MILE star Mekhi Phifer enjoys his movie characters dating women of differing ethnicities - because it's a sign of the way the world is changing.

Phifer, who is paired up with Dark Angel beauty Jessica Alba in their upcoming flick HONEY, proudly places himself at the forefront of being paired romantically with women from a wide range of backgrounds.

He says, "I consider myself to be like the UNITED COLOURS OF BENETTON when it comes to dating. I think that we're getting to see more of those images on screen - of different races together - which reflect what's going on in real life. I think it's a good thing."

Phifer currently appears in hit medical drama ER, in which his character is teaming up with Asian-American actress Ming-Na.

He adds, "They're both new doctors who are really busy, so it wouldn't be that out of the ordinary for two people who spend so much time together, and also find each other attractive, to send up in bed at some point."

24/04/2003 09:46