The 22-year-old singer was on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon to perform her new single Me Too. She looked stunning for the high-octane show and managed to navigate through the routine's tough dance moves in her six-inch silver heels.

As she breathed a sigh of relief after reaching the end of the rendition, Meghan spun around and grabbed the microphone in what was meant to be a sexy, finale move.

However, she entirely misjudged the situation, and ended up twisting her ankle and falling down onto the floor. Instead of immediately getting up and brushing herself off, Meghan decided to style out the accident by continuing to lay on the ground.

Ever the gentleman, host Jimmy was quick to rush to Meghan's aid, and opted to lay down alongside her.

He could be heard saying: "This is just one of those things", before Meghan replied: "I’m sorry."

Despite her stumble, Meghan's performance was impressive enough to garner a standing ovation from the packed crowd.

Meghan first shot to fame when she released her debut single All About That Bass in 2014 followed by her first album Title in January 2015.

But with her second record Thank You out on Friday (13May16), Meghan is now a fully fledged music star and recently took the time to reflect on the last couple of years and how she has left her previous bad habits behind.

"Now I've definitely got a better hang of things," she explained to Us Weekly. "I'm not getting sick every week. I was stupid and I would stay up all night. I would not take sleep seriously. I would eat bad. I wouldn't work out. Now I'm working out all the time and trying to eat cleaner. I'm not trying to lose weight - because it's not really happening - but just trying to be healthy."