Meghan Trainor threw up on her fiancé the day after he proposed.

The 'Dear Future Husband' hitmaker was over the moon when her partner Daryl Sabara got down on one knee to ask her to marry him, but the elated mood didn't last for long as after Meghan contracted food poisoning, she ended up vomiting all over her new fiancé.

She revealed: ''It's kind of gross. We're eating so much healthier nowadays, but we were at the hotel and we're eating the hotel food and the day that we drove home I got food poisoning on the car ride.

''So, he's driving and I'm just in his face like [throwing up], and I told him, 'I'm so sorry,' and he's like, 'I'd kiss you right now.'''

Meghan, 24, then admitted that the 'Spy Kids' actor ''went for the nasty'' as when she had finished, he pulled the car over and kissed her.

Speaking during an appearance on 'The Talk' on Wednesday (31.01.18), she added: ''We pulled over, we had like a moment. He went for the nasty!''

It comes after the 'All About That Bass' singer revealed she ''screamed'' when Daryl, 25, asked for her hand in marriage.

She said: ''It was so cute ... I'm so happy! I was trying to Snapchat and he told me, 'Can you put that away for a second.' I lost my voice. I was screaming, 'It's happening, yes, it's happening!' I blacked out.''

But the proposal wasn't a total surprise, as the star admitted she and her fiancé had picked out the rings months in advance.

She added: ''We picked out the ring months before, I was just waiting for him to propose. I told him if you're going to propose, you have to have my family there.''

Meanwhile, Meghan previously confessed her and her fiancé had talked about getting married after just one month of dating.

She said: ''We talked about getting married by month one. I was aggressive. I wrote a song called, 'Marry Me'.''