Meghan Trainor admitted it's ''weird'' having her dad feature on a song about ''sweet loving''.

The 'All About That Bass' singer was delighted to have her beloved father Gary play piano on a track called 'Good Morning' but admitted it was initially strange having him work on a song about an intimate subject.

However, she insisted there was nothing ''dirty'' in the lyrics, which made it easier.

She said: ''It's kind of weird because the song [dad is on] is called 'Good Morning' and it's about not needing coffee just needing 'sweet loving' in the morning, so it's kind of weird that my dad's on this song but we all got over that.

''I don't say anything dirty so a toddler could sing's a good brushing your teeth song.''

The 24-year-old singer found it ''really cool'' getting her dad into the recording studio because he always used to play for her when she was younger.

She exclusively told BANG Showbiz: ''My dad is playing piano which was really cool because he used to play on my first albums when I was growing up, the albums I would produce myself, so it was kind of like a big thank you and like a memory of 'we used to do this when I was younger.' ''

Meghan - who is engaged to actor Daryl Sabara - admitted she has written ''dirty songs'' in the past, and she ''always'' sends them to her parents, who give her positive responses.

She admitted: ''I've written some dirty songs, and I always send it to them and be like 'What do you think?' and it's funny because sometimes with the dirty songs, my mum will be like 'That's a hit! That should be out there you know'.

''They're always supportive no matter what and when I was growing up I would write these songs about love and I was like, 12, so they know that sometimes with songs it's not personal, but nowadays it is, but they always take it lightly.''