Meghan Trainor is taking inspiration from the Kardashians and Margot Robbie for her wedding make-up.

The 24-year-old singer is engaged to 'Spy Kids' star Daryl Sabara, 25, and has already started preparing for the big day by looking to the 'Keeping Up With The Kardashians' stars and the 'I, Tonya' beauty for tips.

Meghan insisted she wants a minimal and natural look which shows off her natural beauty for when she walks down the aisle.

Speaking to for their Beauty Lounge YouTube series, she said: ''I've been obsessed recently with that glam that's like a Kardashian glam, but like Margot Robbie - her red-carpet make-up is the best thing in the world because it just shows her natural beauty and it might be a lot but it looks like nothing, it looks like she was just gorgeous that day because she is always gorgeous.

''[Margo looks like] she just put a little lip-gloss, a little mascara and was ready for the Oscars. I want individual lashes, not a whole track. I'm gonna be gorgeous. I think I want long hair too.''

Meghan picked up a beauty hack from watching YouTube videos after struggling to draw black eyeliner on properly and now uses scotch tape to achieve the perfect flick when she does her own make-up on her days off.

She confessed: ''I'm really good at doing all my make-up except for my eye-liner, I'm so bad at doing the cat-eye so I finally said I need help and I just put some tape [under my eye] just like the YouTube girls do and the Instagram girls.

''I was like, there's no way that works, but I did it and it works! Beauty is pain

''On days off when I don't get my glam girl Alison people say I do a really good job of my make-up and I believe them and I trust them and I agree.''