Meghan Trainor feels ''super in love'' with her husband.

The 26-year-old singer married Daryl Sabara in 2018 and she's admitted to being besotted with the actor, revealing that their relationship is still ''very romantic''.

Speaking about her marriage, Meghan told MailOnline: ''It's so good.

''It's very romantic right now, we're super in love.''

Meghan has recently spent a lot of time in the UK, where she's joined the judging panel of 'The Voice'.

And the chart-topping singer feels lucky to have the support of her husband and her family as she embarks on her new role.

She shared: ''My mom is here, my dad didn't make this short trip because it's too hard on his body but he's waiting for us back at home. They're everything, I can't do anything without then.

''My older brother is my videographer and my mom's my assistant, and my husband's my husband. They all take care of me and it's great.''

Meanwhile, Meghan previously described her husband as her ''little confidence booster''.

The singer said she loves having Daryl around because he's the ''best therapy'', as he always tells her she's ''beautiful'', and makes sure to lift her spirits when she's feeling her ''worst''.

Reflecting on their romance, Meghan gushed: ''I do have a little confidence booster every five seconds of 'God you're so beautiful babe.' Like what?! Thank you. Love that. Love him. Having him there is the best.

''When I feel my worst, he just knows exactly how to fix everything and if I'm watching TV and I start spacing out, he knows and he looks at me and asks, 'What are you thinking about?' It's the best therapy all day long.''