Opening up about her quirkiest habits during an appearance on Australian radio show Smallzy's Surgery, the All About That Bass singer singer admitted she used to be all about her former lover's zits.

Asked if she had ever popped anyone else's pimples, Meghan revealed, "Woah! I had a boyfriend that I was obsessed to do it with. He hated it... Nowadays I can't do it."

And the singer isn't averse to letting friends burst her zits, either, adding, "My best friend loves to pop mine, so it's a thing in my life."

Meghan also confessed she has "Google diagnosed" an illness.

During the candid radio chat, Trainor went on to reveal where she has placed her Best New Artist Grammy Award, which she won earlier this year (Feb16), and sobbed about when she finally took ownership during an appearance on Ellen Degeneres' U.S. TV talk show in April (16).

"That lives right above my underwear drawer on my dresser, so every morning when I do my thing, get my thing, I'm just inspired to be better and to get another one," she added.

But she may be moving it soon after radio host Kent Small revealed some of his past guests told him they kept their awards in the toilet.

"That's beautiful," she mused as she considered placing her Grammy on a shelf above her loo.

Meghan sobbed onstage almost uncontrollably the night she won her first Grammy and has since explained why she had such an incredibly emotional reaction to the victory.

"I always wanted to be an artist, to be the face of the music, so to be named best new artist means more to me than anything in the world," she told Variety.

She also shared a composite picture of herself and her father crying on Instagram, admitting it was her dad's final comment to her before she walked up to the stage that prompted the tears to start flowing.

"This is me forever... balling my eyes out," Meghan captioned the shot. "Can't believe what happened. My dad whispered, 'You made it,' before I walked up and I lost it. I love my family so much. Without them I wouldn't be here today."