The All About That Bass singer's rise to the top of the charts has led to her receiving presents, including some from well-wishers who use their culinary skills to bake her a tasty looking treat.

However the American musician is forbidden from sampling the food she receives from fans in case it contains harmful substances.

"Some bake me things that I'm not allowed to eat, just in case," she tells BBC Radio 1 presenter Nick Grimshaw. "They're the ones that I think, 'oh you took so much time into this and then I got to throw it away. Sorry."

The 22-year-old joked she had tried to get staff to try the food, adding, "I'm always like 'test it' and they're like, 'no'."

One person Meghan does accept hospitality from is Nick Jonas, after the pop star organised a wild 21st birthday party when the two musicians celebrated her reaching the legal drinking age.

"Half of the night was blurry but there's just so many memories," she says. "We were at an art gallery in Florida I know that, and I was climbing trees at one point, I was seeing beautiful art, taking tequila shots and I was 21, so I could finally drink.

"The best part of that night was we were in art carts, they're like golf carts but they were dressed up like mushrooms, that were beautiful colours. It was trippy."

Showing her gratitude to Nick for helping her have, "the best night" of her life, she added, "no one will beat my 21st birthday".

Since then Meghan has had much more to celebrate, as she won her first Grammy Award, for Best New Artist in February (16) and saw her new single No break into the top ten of the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 upon its release last month (Mar16).