The On the Floor singer came under fire last week (ends10Apr16) when she debuted her new single Ain't Your Mama, which was co-written by a number of musicians including Meghan and Dr. Luke, real name Lukasz Gottwald.

Her fans were not pleased that she seemed to be supporting Dr. Luke, who is currently embroiled in a legal battle with Kesha after she claimed he abused her sexually, physically and emotionally abused. He has always denied the allegations.

Meghan has now confessed Jennifer didn't deserve the backlash, because she simply agreed to re-record the pop star's track without realising who had written it with Meghan.

"(It was) not fair on her, not at all," Meghan tells reporters, including "I texted her the song and she had no idea - she thought I did it alone by myself at my house, which a lot of people think because I do do that.

"I sent it to her and said, 'Do you like the song?' and she said, 'I love the song, my kid loves the song - he's (son Max) made me play it five times already so I know it's a hit - when can I cut it?', so I said immediately, 'Whenever you want!'

"I felt terrible when Jennifer got all the hate for (Ain't Your Mama), and it's just all ridiculous. It's such a big song for her."

Kesha has been involved in a legal fight to end her contract with Sony record label executives, who she claims forced her to only work with Dr. Luke. Her attempts were once again rejected by the court in April (16) as Sony bosses claim they have offered her alternative producers to collaborate with.