Meghan Trainor is inspired by her future children.

The 'Dear Future Husband' singer - who is engaged to actor Daryl Sabara - is always thinking about the future and is excited about what it holds for her.

Asked what motivates her, she said: ''My future family. The kids I want to have one day. And the songs I want to have.

''You know when you think about the future and you're like 'My kids are going to be sick, they're going to be awesome'? I think about that with my music- 'That baby, that fourth album is going to be awesome'.

''I keep thinking that the next album is going to be my best one, and now I do believe that it is, I know I'm biased but that's the best one I got and I just care about it so much and I can't wait to promote it everywhere in the entire world because I want everyone to hear it.''

And the 24-year-old singer was very excited about the material she was writing for her upcoming new album, and found it a form of ''therapy'' to pour her feelings into song.

She exclusively told BANG Showbiz: ''Especially to Daryl, I said to him every day 'think about the songs, they're going to be so good!' and they were. It was like my therapy. That keeps me going.''

But the 'No Excuses' singer finds it hard to choose a single song she likes best from her new record.

She said: ''There's so many. I love 'Evil Twin' it's a great concept I've written about on this new album. Its about the parts of you that you're like, 'That wasn't me it was her, she sucks.'

'''Call Us Criminals' is a great pop anthem and 'After You' is the only slow song that I have on this album coming up but it is a very special important ballad that's just going to rip everyone's hearts out in the best way, and make everyone cry.''