Meghan Trainor won't be writing a song to sing at her wedding.

The 24-year-old singer has written hits such as 'Dear Future Husband', but admitted she doesn't want to write a romantic song to perform after she ties the knot with Daryl Sabara because she will be too busy enjoying herself.

She exclusively told BANG Showbiz: ''I don't want to work on my wedding, I don't want to think about anything!''

However, after Daryl, 25, inspired Meghan's album 'Thank You', she's asked him to return the favour and create a song for their wedding.

She admitted: ''I always give him pressure though, and every anniversary I'll say 'I wrote you an entire album so if you wanna write a song for me and sing it at our wedding that would be hilarious and really cute' so we'll see what he does. He claims that he's writing one but it's not really good yet.''

The 'No Excuses' songstress admitted she and the 'Spy Kids' star - who have been together since July 2016 - have been talking about marriage since they met and now they can't wait to settle down and have kids together.

She said: ''Month one, I wrote him a song called 'Marry me' with my ukulele in the hotel room, so we were talking about it [marriage] from early on. And we both said 'it's crazy because I see futures with you, I see children with you and I never saw children before' - he said that, I was always a mamma in my future - but now I'm going to have little red heads and I'm so excited for it.''

Meghan's latest single, 'No Excuses', which is taken from her upcoming third album, is out now.