WILL + GRACE star Megan Mullally is urging women to perform quieter during sex, after her recent vacation was marred by loud lustful sounds.

The brunette actress and her husband Nick Offerman went away for what should have been a quiet summer break - but they were instead disturbed by the bellowing tones of a fellow hotel guest's lovemaking.

She says, "We went on vacation and we were staying at a hotel. The walls weren't very thick and so in the room next door, at one point, this couple was having sex.

"First of all, it went on forever, and second of all, what is it with women with the barking and the yelping and the howling? So crazy. At one point this woman was so extreme.

"It's always the women. I've overheard people having sex like three times. It's always the women who are so extreme.

"She literally went, at one point, 'Yeah! Yeah! Get me off! Get me off!' And I thought, 'God, that poor guy... No pressure!'"

15/09/2004 02:43