Actress Megan Mullally realised just how unrecognisable she is to fans in public over the weekend (24/25APR04), when she was mistaken for a reality TV star's manager.

The WILL + GRACE star was in Washington DC to see childhood pals when she came across Bill Rancic, winner of Donald Trump's hit reality show THE APPRENTICE.

She says, "I was in first class with Bill from The Apprentice. I was late so I had to carry my bags on the plane, so at the end of the flight, I asked him if he would help me carry my bags and he did. He was very nice, very gentlemanly, good-looking fellow.

"Nobody ever recognises me because I wear sort of man-ish clothing and I'm not really anything like my character on Will + Grace.

"But everybody was recognising him so I actually passed myself off as his manager a couple of times."

28/04/2004 09:20