Megan Mullally was dumbfounded when Jennifer Lopez arrived on the WILL + GRACE set - because she brought along a 75-strong entourage.

Sexy Lopez guest-starred on the last series of the popular TV show and stunned cast and crew by deeming it necessary to invite a massive gang of aides to help her prepare for the fleeting role.

And Mullally - who refuses to her opinion on the prospect of Lopez's imminent return to the show - is adamant the Latina doesn't need to spend hours in the stylist's chair, because she's at her most beautiful when she's make-up free.

She says, "She had a rather large entourage. It was an extensive group of people which I thought was interesting because how many people does it take to get an absolutely flawlessly beautiful woman ready?

"She's gorgeous when she walks in with absolutely no make-up, jeans and a T-shirt."

23/03/2005 13:51