Megan McKenna wants to marry Mike Thalassitis after falling ''completely in love'' with her boyfriend.

The reality TV star-turned country music singer would love to tie the knot with the former 'Love Island' hunk, and has already set her sights on having three kids with the 25-year-old star, and she hopes their offspring will look like him.

She said: ''Mike can be romantic and he makes me belly laugh, I don't think anyone has seen that side. I've completely fallen in love with him and he's completely fallen in love with me.

''I reckon we'll live together soon. He stays over a lot, so it would definitely work. I do want to marry him - we'd have such an amazing wedding!

''I want three children and I want them all to look like Mike - he's got nice tanned skin and green eyes.''

Megan has confirmed she and Mike did split earlier this year for a brief period, but insists their short stint apart from each other only reinforced her strong feelings for him.

She said: ''We did have a little break-up, but it was nothing major. We had a bad argument, then we made up - sometimes you need a wobble to realise how much you want it.''

Mike earned the nickname 'Muggy Mike' - a term used to describe someone who has made a fool of someone else, or ''mugged'' them off - during his stint on the reality TV show but the 25-year-old beauty believes the moniker is an ''unfair'' reflection of her significant other.

She added to OK! magazine: ''It was unfair to give him the Muggy Mike nickname - I don't think he did anything muggy. He definitely isn't muggy to me.''

Megan and Mike reconciled in May this year just days after they went their separate ways following two months of dating.

A source said at the time: ''They're talking again and they're back together. They wanted to make it work - after the split, they knew the relationship wasn't over, and started talking again. They really like each other and want to make things work. They're so on and off though - things are so volatile - that their mates are trying to stay out of it.''