Megan McKenna has hit back at online trolls who call her ''anorexic''.

The 25-year-old reality star has opened up about her weight struggles due to suffering with food intolerances and allergies, and how cruel comments on social media left her feeling ''stressed'' and lacking in body confidence.

The brunette beauty was particularly upset and angered when she was called ''bony'' after a stint in hospital with food poisoning.

Speaking to Heat magazine after pledging her support for the publication's 'Where's Your Head At?' campaign - which aims to get a mental health first aider in every workplace or college - she explained: ''I like my body, my hair my lips ... but I stress about the smallest things.

''I don't have big boobs. I don't like my waist and think I'm bony sometimes.

''It's not ok to call someone fat so why is it ok to call me anorexic?

''Apparently, I starve myself. But just because I have a wheat allergy and am coeliac I have so many issues with my weight because of it.

''A couple of months back I had so much abuse saying my legs were so bony.

''But I had food poisoning and I came out of hospital and just because I dealt with it in private and no one knew about it, I was getting so much abuse''.

But Megan - who is dating 'Muggy' Mike Thalassitis - insists she won't be silenced by critics and will always post personal stuff about her love life and stuff she is affected by no matter what.

She said: ''Some comments I get can be a bit too harsh - 'she's a nutter' because I wear my heart on my sleeve.

''But every girl who goes through break ups gets affected by things.

It would be weirder for me to stay silent. You've got to let it out somehow.''