The 35-year-old actress, most famous for her roles on Broadway and in U.S. TV show Smash, is currently expecting her second child with husband Brian Gallagher. The pair are also parents to two-year-old daughter Viola, and Megan is hoping to recreate some of the aspects of the tot's arrival when she welcomes her second child into the world.

"I hope to do some of the same things I did last time," she told Fit Pregnancy magazine. "For instance, it was important to me when Viola was born that they didn’t wash her immediately. I read that the mucus that babies are covered in is really good for their skin, so I wanted it to seep in and not be scrubbed off.

"I didn’t (have music playing) last time, but I sang the Rocky theme song between pushes! My doula said, ‘Make sure that you have a good story to tell afterward.’ And we did."

Megan is enjoying every second of this pregnancy, and also had a fairly smooth pregnancy the first time around. But she admits she is already feeling nervous about not having the baby in her tummy anymore, as she has become used to feeling movements.

"I didn’t have morning sickness either time - knock on wood. Before I had Viola, I thought it was going to be weird to feel a baby moving in my belly. But I love it - even the kicking and punching," she said. "Near the end of my last pregnancy, my mom said, ‘You’ll miss her when she’s not in your tummy anymore.’ She was so right."

Megan is definitely going to be a busy mother, with a successful career and two children to balance. But if she has time to go to classes with her offspring, the actress will ensure she gives them her full attention.

"With Viola, when I took her to classes, a lot of moms and sitters would be on their phones the whole time. That’s not me. I don’t want my children to grow up thinking that adults are totally disengaged," she vented.