Australian actress Megan Gale has confirmed she is set to play Wonder Woman in the upcoming movie JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA. The 32-year-old - who recently announced her retirement from catwalk modelling - was shocked after being chosen for the role - because she is a big fan of American actress Lynda Carter who played the comic book heroine in the 1970s TV series. She says, "I still can't believe it. I have been infatuated with Wonder Woman since I was a teenager. People used to tell me I looked like Lynda Carter. "It was always a bit of a fantasy. It was never going to be a reality for me, but it kind of found me and I'm a big believer in fate and destiny." And although the ongoing Hollywood writers strike has delayed filming of the much-anticipated new action movie until June (08), Gale insists landing the iconic role has been a dream come true: "Even if the writers' strike goes on forever, for me, the fact that I've been cast as Wonder Woman is enough.'' Other actors rumoured to be linked to the movie include Adam Brody and rapper Common.