The actress is a keen palmist who believes people's hands say a lot about them, and when chat show host Jimmy Kimmel offered up his palm for her to read, she told him he has "earth" hands that suggested he was "more practical than maybe people assume you are" and "a control freak".

She then analysed her own hand and palm, revealing the way someone waves also offers clues to their personality.

"I have a water hand; my hand is long with longer fingers...," Megan explained. "Someone with a water hand is more prone to, like, an emotionality that moves with the tides; we're more unpredictable."

Waving her hand with open fingers, the actress then added, "That shows someone who's eccentric and doesn't try to belong to the crowd and has unusual ideas."

The Transformers star explained that palmistry is fairly new to her as she is only learning how to read people's hands, but she is an expert when it comes to horoscopes.

"I've done a lot of research on astrology and I think I've got pretty good at it," she said. "I can predict, like, when someone's gonna give birth based on where the moon will be."