Megan Fox has branded Hollywood ''morally bankrupt''.

The 'Jennifer's Body' actress has slammed ''the industry'', insisting those working behind the scenes ''don't really care'' about the welfare of their actors, so long as they ''survive'' during filming.

She blasted: ''There's not a lot of concern about what's right for individuals.

''As long as you survive filming and they've gotten what they need from you they don't really care if you drop dead afterwards.

''It doesn't matter if you break an arm or you break a leg.

''You can get really sick as long as you are not bleeding from your face you are going to keep working and people don't understand that. There's no regard for your safety or your physical well-being at all because it doesn't matter because you are a means to an end.''

The 31-year-old actress - who has sons Noah, five, Bodhi, four, and 18-month-old Journey - is a hands-on mother, but she's thankful for the support of her spouse.

She said: ''[Brian] does the morning routine with them and takes them to school and I usually pick them up.''

And the couple always try to make time for one another away from their sons at least once a week, but the 'Transformers' star admitted they find it ''impossible'' not to talk about the kids on their date nights.

She told E! News: ''We try to make it to a movie once a week or have an adult lunch so that everything isn't always kid-centered.

''I try to make a rule let's not talk about the kids, but it's impossible.''

When it comes to staying in shape, the athletic star is careful with her diet.

She said: ''I eat organic all the time. I drink at least 100 ounces of water a day and I drink less than 8 ounces of coffee a day.''