Director JOSEPH KHAN almost overlooked Megan Fox when he was scouting for actresses to star in Eminem's LOVE THE WAY YOU LIE video, because he assumed she'd reject the role.
The Transformers beauty stars alongside Dominic Monaghan to portray Eminem and his ex-wife Kim Mathers during their tumultuous and violent relationship.
Khan admits Fox wasn't his immediate casting choice - but he later decided to approach the actress about the part in the Rihanna collaboration and was amazed when the self-confessed Eminem fan accepted.
He tells MTV News, "We were actually looking around for some other actresses, and then, midway through, I just thought, 'Why don't I just try this?' I mean, I have the biggest artist in the world, with the hottest song on the planet, with the hottest female artist... and it's a meaty role. It's not like you're just slipping in there and looking pretty.
"She said 'yes'. I was blown away."
In contrast, Khan had Lost star Monaghan in mind to play Eminem from the start: "I wanted him because he's an actor who can bury himself (in his roles). You can do anything with him, and essentially, he's a villain through all of (the video), and I think he did a great job."