Hollywood couple Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green have teamed up for a hilarious new viral video with a hard-hitting message about the state of California schools.
In the FunnyOrDie.com skit, which was penned by a concerned parent at the Laurel Canyon school which Green's son attends, Fox wanders into a crowded classroom and is mistaken for a new teacher.
As she explains she merely mistook the room for the library, where she has arranged to meet her boyfriend, a state official carries in additional kids.
Fox learns from the kids that the class teacher, school janitor and nurse all lost their jobs in recent budget cuts - and when Green arrives they have to feed a diabetic a chocolate bar to stop him from slipping into a coma.
The sick kid then asks the actress to sign his copy of the Transformers DVD for his dad.
At the end of the skit, Green and Fox take aim at California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger's proposed education budget cuts.
Green says, "Millions of children in California, including my son, are under attack from the Terminators in (state capital) Sacramento, who plan to cut $2.5 billion from our schools."
Fox adds, "$17 billion has already been slashed from education programmes over the past two years... So make your voice heard; call, write and annoy the Governor until he cries for his mommy."