American actress Megan Dodds has starred alongside some of the world's most famous thespians - but her crowning glory was the moment when she kissed Madonna.

The blonde beauty co-starred with the Queen Of Pop in UP FOR GRABS, the London show which saw Madonna make her stage debut last year (02). And though the MATERIAL GIRL got mixed reviews for her shaky performance, her steamy kiss with Megan had audiences delighted.

Megan grins, "I had no idea until I got the script and there was a line which said, 'And now she kisses Madonna.' I just started laughing hysterically.

"But then I thought, 'Hey, everyone should try this once in their lives.' Everybody has been talking about it ever since and it was a great experience.

"Madonna's a great kisser and I've got no complaints. I guess I made a lot of men and women very jealous.

"I also felt what it must be like to be a pop star because the audiences were more like the kind you get at a rock concert. They were clapping, cheering and waving banners. I wish all audiences were tat fired up."

08/07/2003 01:50