MEGADETH frontman Dave Mustaine hates reading untrue rumours about himself on the internet - because he worries his young daughter will be "hurt" by the spiteful online gossip.
The former Metallica rocker is adamant the music industry is suffering in the digital age, because of the number of web forums and showbiz sites dedicated to spreading stories.
And Mustaine doesn't want his impressionable 11-year-old daughter, Electra, to read false rumours about him and his band.
He tells, "It's no secret that there are a lot of people who are haters - people who troll around the internet, trying to hurt me and my band. The only reason it hurts me is because my daughter reads that stuff, and I think if I just sat down and talked to them, they'd say, 'Wow - I didn't even think about that.'
"All these people who post all of the negative stuff on all of these web sites, I own them - they would be nothing without me. Because they can't go a day without talking about me."