MEGADETH frontman Dave Mustaine has apologised to AC DC after he slated the rockers in a recent interview - calling his comments "rude and childish".
The singer blasted the band in a chat with Metal Hammer magazine, accusing the Back In Black hitmakers of "making the same record for 20 years" and comparing frontman Brian Johnson to his predecessor, the late Bon Scott.
He told the publication, "Bon Scott was my frontman. I love and respect Brian (Johnson), but it's the same record. They've been making the same record for 20 years. I love 'em, but it's the same stuff, so you don't need to buy the record, just go to the concert."
But after reading his words in print, Mustaine is shocked by his own harsh comments - and has apologised to his pals unreservedly.
He tells, "I just read the (article) and I am so disappointed in how I said what I said.
"No excuses; I didn't say what I was trying to say, and what I said is rude and childish. I am even offended at what I said. I have never in thirty-plus years disrespected AC DC, one of my favourite bands in the whole world; I think I just got too comfortable and forgot that we were recording and I was being an a**.
"My apologies to my friends, especially Brian (Johnson); that just did not come out right at all and I'm sorry, bro."