Convicted murderer DENNIS RADER had sick fantasies about Meg Ryan and HALLE BERRY - and detailed what he'd do to them if he ever found himself alone with the movie stars.

Rader, who dubbed himself the BTK Killer for his method of "blind, torture, kill," was handed consecutive life sentences for the 10 murders he has admitted to on 18 August (05).

And now it has emerged that the serial killer, a former Kansas dog catcher, harboured sick fantasies about his favourite actresses, which he pasted on the back of photos of Berry and Ryan which were filed away at his home.

Police have also revealed Rader also confessed to a fantasy in which he kidnapped BEACH BLANKET BINGO star ANNETTE FUNICELLO, now 62.

Prosecutor NOLA FOULSTON, who put sick Rader behind bars, reveals he told police, "Annette Funicello was my favourite fantasy hit when she was on the Mouseketeers. I had these imaginary stories of how I was going to get to kidnap her, and do sexual things to her in California."